Mirte van Kooten


Ritual of the Temporary Home

Our generation is one that is known for their flexiblity within the
perception of home. Thanks to technology, good infrastructure and
open-minded people, we are able to leave our houses behind and find
our homes in a new place.

Being at home is a state of mind. When we fill our backpack to take
with us, we try to pack the familiar feeling of home with us. What
do we pick to bring with us on our travels? How do we decide upon
where this feeling comes from? This backpack-to-carpet is a tool
that challenges people to think about what they take when keeping
the feeling of home in consideration. Choosing the right pockets to
fit on the grid makes you consider what is important to you. At the
moment of unpacking the bag to a carpet, the routine of feeling at
home in the temporary starts.

Photography by Annabel Miedema.